Will you be able to do this at 76..?

We decided to go to a different part of Sliema 28 August.  We usually go to what we refer to as the “Sliema Rock Pools” (not the official name :-))  The ‘beach’ we went to this time is called “Fond Ghadir” (don’t ask me what that translates to, I have no idea!!).  And what a beach.

There are all these rock pool/sea baths cut out of the rock which auto-fill from the ocean.  The limestone or sandstone rock that’s found at Fond Ghadir is barefoot-friendly – which is refreshing!

One thing that has become apparent here is that if you walk around with a big white lens jammed onto the front of your DSLR, no matter how much I try to disguise it (to dissuade would-be thieves – see travel photography tips post), people here think I work for a newspaper or something similar.  Lets just say it attracts attention (so far the good sort).

So… I get approached constantly while carrying it.  This particular day I was approached by a local identity, Mr Alfred “Freddy” Abela.  He is a lovely bloke.  He ended up telling me his story; how in the 60’s as a 20-something year old he was a soccer player here, and was approached to play in Australia.

So off Freddy went, setting up shop in mid-60’s Templestowe.  There he stayed for years, marrying and having 5 children.  He then returned to Malta when his kids were starting High School.  Malta is like kids paradise – I dont blame him for returning!

Freddy is now retired, and spends the long summer days at Fond Ghadir… the lucky sod.

Freddy asked me if he could pay me to take a photo of him next to “Alfred Abela Rock”.  So, for the princely sum of one Heineken (seemed like the perfect beach currency to me hehe) I took some photos of him.

Then Freddy went up to Jordan & Austin and said:

Freddy: “How old are you boys?”

Jordan: “11”

Austin [in a squeaky voice]: “I’m almost 6”

Freddy: “I’m 76.  Can you jump into the sea like this?”

Jordan & Austin: “Nope”


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