St Peter’s Pool

If you ever come to Malta, one of the best spots – bar none – is the beautiful, clear waters of St Peters Pool.  As opposed to most travel ‘guides’, which seem to cater for the tourist who wants packed, sandy beaches, my advice would be to get away from the throngs of package holidaying tourists and get your buns to a place like this.

Especially if you are Australian.  We have many of the best sandy beaches in the world, and lets face it, almost any other sandy beach is just a bit lame compared to ours!  St Peters Pool has not one grain of that annoying stuff 🙂

Is it easy to find?  Not on your life.  You could drive right past the place and not know it.  Street signs are almost non existent.  The road its on is a tiny, rocky goat track that even our teeny little hatchback  barely squeezed through.  We didn’t make it out unscathed – one of our rear tyres punctured.

But was it worth it?  Damn straight!

Once you actually find the road and make it to the end, you need to walk a way down a bush path to get there.

St Peter's PoolYou then get to this most magnificent sight (you can see Cazz & the boys next to the water):

St Peter's PoolThe water is crystal clear.  In the photo below the water is at least 5m deep:

St Peter's PoolThere is a sizable drop off where you can jump from.  Notice I said ‘YOU’.  There was no way that I was leaping off that ledge!

St Peter's PoolBut, to my amazement (and shock), my Jordan did what I wouldn’t do – as the below sequence shows!


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