aedificium; edificium
1. Latin, meaning: building, structure. 

This site is about our family’s travels to Malta and beyond… and I did create this video here so it loosely qualifies!!

An old, good friend of mine, is a songwriter.  In fact in my opinion, he is a great songwriter. And producer.  We met way back when we were both in our early 20’s. With me being a guitarist, and him a drummer, it wasn’t long before we started a band. We played for over 10yrs together, sometimes to a crowd that consisted of the barman and the local alcoholic, sometimes in front of crowds that were packed in like sardines. One of my best memories in my life was having the honour of being the Best Man at his wedding, one of the best weddings I have had the privilege of witnessing.

Now Cazz, I and our little ones are in Malta, and Cam & Laura have a beautiful, loveable daughter and our band days are behind us; we’ve become responsible adults!

Whilst I now put most of my creativeness into my photography and videography (, Cam puts his into creating music. Over time I have seen my friend grow into an extremely creative, well rounded composer who has the knack of regularly penning stunning pieces of music. When I heard “The Majesty of You”, I could see in my mind a flow of images that Cam’s music was leading me through. So I when I next spoke to Cam, I asked him if he would like me to put this into a music video, I had to put down on ‘film’ what I could see in my mind.

So I did.

Cam pens songs under the name Aedificium, and his music is available here.

So without further ado, here is the video to Aedificium composition “The Majesty of You”. Keep your eye out for the drummer and guitarist in this clip. I included some footage of the crowds as seen through our eyes, to take the viewer to the place Cam and I think of when we reminisce about the good ol’ days (lets just call that the ‘happy place’ 🙂 ). When I see these it takes me back what seems like a lifetime ago. Cam – this one is for you.

I hope you like it.

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